Factory for Seating Solutions

Brief Introduction:

Turkey is extensively exporting seating products to Europe, Middle East, Africa and countries in the territory of Former Soviet Union. Thousands of manufacturers are striving to keep up with the global trends in seating solutions. It makes the country highly suitable for production of seating products (chairs, armchairs, sofas, benches…etc.). The production is planned in Bursa where around one thousand furniture manufacturers are registered, most of them are operating in production of seating products.

Some Facts:

4000m2 Production Area
Ready market for export
Experienced Staff
Up-to-the-date Technology

Products & Segmentation:

The factory is planned to have a flexible production policy. Relatively, beside standard sofa models, seating solutions for hotels, cafes, restaurants and auditorium is also aimed.

Expected Investment: Contact Us

Status: %100 Established, Ready to Go.