If you plan to do an investing in Turkey, there are 3 main sectors you should to consider: Property, stocks and banking. Each sector has its own risks and rewards, therefore you ought to think twice and do some analysis before finance your cash.


For most of the investors buying properties in Turkey is the safest way to make good use of money. Turkey’s property market has expanded dramaticaly due to exaggerated commercial enterprise. Turkey also became a popular destination for foreigner retirees. Property costs still stay low, however, whereas their values still rise. Still, there is no such thing as a guaranteed return. Investing in Turkish property is hardly a fool-proof plan, especially if the value of the lira slips once more.


The Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) has grown dramatically in past few years. The recent recession has dampened this growth, however, invested in it a bit like its a gamble. Until you are comfortable with the market’s up’s and down’s you can invest in conservative holdings. There are lot of banks, brokers and consultancy agencies that can help you to plan in investin stocks in Turkey


As long as you have opened accounts in turkish lira, turkish banks promise high interest on your investment. But these high rates of Turkey are balanced with inflation. If you want to invest in a Bank in Turkey, research its health, rates and also you should have some knowledge about the turkish inflation. you are a particularly brave investor, you may want to consider to open a repo account. Repo accounts pay higher interest rates in return for a guarantee that you will not withdraw the money for several months.