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CEO Message

Turkey is a rising regional power. For the last decade, stability in politics and success in economy made a substantial contribution to Turkey’s growth.

As a group, our company’s achievements in business have been parallel to growth of our country. For the last five years, we have developed business cooperation with companies and individuals in more than thirty countries.
We believe that the situation in Turkey presents a historical moment that any wise entrepreneur should evaluate: Turkish legal framework is transparent. Foreigners can freely own business and property. Turkish manufacturers are exporting to all continents in the globe. Europe, Middle East, Africa, Countries of former Soviet Union and Caucasus Countries are all natural markets for Turkish products. Population is nearly 80 million and the internal market is dynamic. Middle class is strong and has a powerful purchasing capacity. Construction projects are enormous. Turkey is one of the most important touristic destinations in the region. There are countless other positive features regarding Turkey and Turkish economy that are impossible to count here…

Turkey for Business focuses only on projects that are feasible. We consider only those projects that we believe are precisely outlined. We never take part in projects that we do not have faith, trust and confidence. Our target is to establish long time business relationship with reliable individuals. Our consultancy is coming from inside the business. In other words, we are already active in several sectors. So we are very well aware of risks and opportunities.

You are kindly invited to contact us and discuss with us business opportunities. Consequently, it will be you who will make the final decision regarding business cooperation. So there is no risk of discussing and exchanging ideas.

Necip Yildirim