Why invest in Turkey

invest in turkey

Why invest in Turkey? Turkey is a country offering significant opportunities for foreign investors with its geographically perfect position to function as a gateway between Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. The opportunities exist not only in the dynamic domestic market, but also throughout the region. Hospitality and tolerance being the traditional cornerstones of the Turkish way of life, the country is open to foreign investors with many attractions to offer.

Leading role in the region
Parliamentary democracy based on multi-party political system.
Stable political system (single party government since 2002).
Strong civil society with many NGO’s
Access to Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East and Nort Africa
Mature and dynamic private sector (high productivity, regional base of many well-known international companies).
Large and growing domestic market (72,5 million people).
Liberal and secure investment environment
Potential EU member state in the course of accession negotiations (13 negotiation chapters have been opened since 2005).
Customs Union with the EU Countries; free trade is possible with other 16 countries+EFTA under Free Trade Agreements.
Being a member of G-20, non-permanent member of UN Security Council
Developed infrastructure (modern motorways and two-lane highways, extensive railway network with high-speed train services, large and high-standard international airports, new and developed telecommunication infrastructure),
Strong macro-economic fundamentals (fiscal discipline)