Start a business in Turkey


You have a brand (a specific product or service) and you want to enter Turkish market. We can help you establish your brand in Turkey. As TFB offer to  establish and consolidate your distribution network all over Turkey for your brand.

Marketing strategy for every product and/or service is not the same. Each and every product and/or service has to be uniquely evaluated under its own conditions.

TFB organizes and establishes the distribution network all over Turkey. TFB finds exclusive distributor who can manage the distribution of  the brand in Turkey. TFB’s services is not limited to merely finding the distributor. It also supports the distributor in finding dealers in all regions and/or cities of Turkey who are willing to buy from the Distributor and sell regionally. In addition (and most importantly), TFB also established the channels of communication with the final customers. In this way, brand owner will be able to control the Distributor, Dealers and directly communicate with its final customers all over Turkey. (Please read other subjects in this category and contact us for more information.)

In this service, the role that TFB will take depends on mutual agreement between TFB and the Brand Owner. Relationship between TFB and the Brand Owner will be determined upon negotiation. TFB might take get a fixed payment, constant commission form the business or become a shareholder in the business. All depends on mutual agreement, after negotiation.