Our Process

As Turkey for Business, we always provide clear and transparent information on our financial policy. All operations of Turkey for Business can be gathered under two groups:

Standard Services

In this category, we apply fixed fees that are generally applied for standard consultancy services like, Company Establishment, Legal Accounting, Follow-up of Legal Issues… etc. For our price list for our standard services, please contact us.

Market Entry

In this category, Turkey for Business can charge a mixture of both fixed work fees and success-based fees. Our fixed fees are fees are always done on a “pay as you go” basis so that you never feel that you are paying for work from which you haven’t benefited. In order to assess the possible market entry cost, it is crucial for us to exactly understand the product and/or service that you want to market in Turkey.

Investment to Business Opportunities

Turkey for Business will take position in each project according to the circumstances. There are occasions when we take commission. In some projects we might take part as a shareholder. All depend on the type of project and circumstances of the investor and/or parties involved. In any case, Turkey for Business will clearly exhibit its position regarding each project after initial discussions.

Following initial contact via phone and email, we will arrange a meeting with you for an initial consultation to assess circumstances of the possible business and answer any questions you may have.

After the initial discussion, we will clearly outline the process.